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Life Time Exchange, 45days Returns and Money Back - Policy

Every piece of classejewels.com's Jewellery is special and unique in design and workmanship. We have taken utmost care in creating and inspecting the product thoroughly and have also taken care while packaging. However, if still you are not satisfied with your classejewels.com's product you could return it through the following channel.

Terms and conditions for exchange and return of your classejewels.com product:

Lifetime Exchange for Gold/Diamond Jewellery

Yes, you can exchange your 'Classejewels.com' product anytime. We offer a lifetime exchange on all our jewellery. If at any point of time you want to exchange or upgrade the classejewels.com's product, we will provide you with appropriate value of exchange of your classejewels.com's jewellery as mentioned below:

Jewellery products consisting of studded diamonds can be exchanged, for gold- it will be as per prevailing gold rate displayed at our webportal as per the purity of your gold jewellery (i.e. 100% exchange) and diamonds will be exchanged at 85%.

Jewellery products consisting of any type of gems and color stones can be exchanged at the rate applicable for the purity of gold at current classejewels.com's rate, whereas gems and colored stones will have 0% return.

Plain gold jewellery including italian, unstudied products and gold coins will be exchanged at the rate applicable for the purity of gold at current classejewels.com's rate.

Solitaire diamond jewellery will be exchanged at 85% for diamond and at the rate applicable for the purity of gold at current classejewels.com's rate.

In all cases, the current market value will be determined by classejewels.com only.

'45 Day's Exchange/Return policy'

However if for any reason you are not satisfied with your classejewels.com's product, you can return it to us within 45 days of receipt for a return or exchange on the full invoice value. You can return any of our products except for ones that have been customized for you including gold coins, customized jewellery, diamond jewellery. color stones(from Lucky Stones) will not be eligible to return or money back under 45 days return/money back policy

We offer FREE return shipping within 45 days exchange/return policy.

When you are sure that you want to return the product within 45 days, you have to mail us on contact@classejewels.com with the subject "CLASSE PRODUCT RETURN". Once we have recieved the said Email, our Classe Tele Caller Executive will call you to understand the reason why you want to return the product and also will help you how to proceed furthur for return. Once the jewellery is recieved by classejewels.com, it will be examined for the brand new product with the tag intact including all neccesary document dispatched with the product (eg. certificate, invoice, etc). After clearing all the steps, classejewels.com will proceed for the refund within 10-15 working days or whatever time is taken by payment gateway. All charges of payment gateway in this transaction will be brone by classejewels.com.

Similarly, if this transaction is from an unserious-buyer* then money will not be refunded.  

Lifetime Money-Back:

If at any point, you wish to sell back your classejewels.com's jewellery or gold coins we also offer a Lifetime Buy-Back facility.


Studied Jewellery: Classejewels.com will buy back diamond(s) at 75% and gold at the rate applicable for the purity of gold at current classejewels.com's rate.Gold Jewellery: Classejewels.com will buy back gold jewellery at the rate applicable for the purity of gold at current classejewels.com's rate.

Classejewels.com value your investment and so we offer lifetime buy-back for our Gold Coins through the website at the prevailing rate of gold determine by classejewels.com.

Classejewels.com offer a lifetime buy-back for Silver Coins and can be bought back through the website at the prevailing rate of silver determined by classejewels.com.If you would like to return/exchange anything with classejewels.com:

Please mail us on contact@classejewels.com, our helpful and experienced team will help you to deal with your return promptly.

45 Days Returns, Money-Back, Life Time Exchange and Buy-Back policies are subject to terms & conditions as mentioned below:

No returns, exchange or buy-back in Diamond(s) will be given above INR 4,50,000/-.

Customized jewellery which includes personalized/engraved product/s manufactured/ordered in line with specific instructions from customer is not eligible for free 45 days return.

Once your product is received at classejewels.com, it will go to Quality Assurance Department, where they will review the returned product for any signs of wear and tear or if it has been altered/resized (by any jeweler other than classejewels.com), or damaged. In these circumstances the products will not be covered under free 45 days return policy.

You will receive complimentary return shipping for all eligible products for return/money back within the free 45 days Exchange policy. After the specified period of time shipping charges for all other returns/exchange/money back/buy-back shall be borne by customer.

Product should be accompanied with Original Product Certificate and Original Invoice or Copy of Invoice for returns/exchange/money back for free 45 days return policy.

In case the customer cannot produce the original certificate in free 45 days return policy/money back policy or after 45 days return policy, classejewels.com will send the jewellery to the laboratory for recertification of diamonds. The shipping cost and the cost of recertification shall be borne by the customer. In this case, the return/money back amount will be at the rate applicable for the purity of gold including the applied taxes and the rate determined by classejewels.com for both gold and diamonds.

For all money back transactions, VAT (value added tax) at the applicable rate shall be deducted from the return value. The prevailing rate is 1%.

In case of money back of classejewels.com's product, the payment will be given back by A/c payee cheque within 15 days of receipt of product, subject to quality confirmation and acceptance.

In case of exchange, the customer will have to pay the extra difference amount for increased value.

For free 45 days exchange/return policy, if the product is purchased at a discounted price under any promotional activity, then classejewels.com will refund the discounted price only as mentioned in the invoice.

Any product bought under 'Buy Wholesale Jewellery' from classejewels.com will have no return under free 45 days return policy.

Product bought under any promotional activity (sales, discounts, etc.) will have no return under free 45 days return policy. 

Classejewels.com reserves the right to change the exchange/money back policy of the product without any prior notice.

Classejewels.com reserves the rights to change all the policies(s) without any prior notice.

Other conditions for Returns & Replacements under free 45 days return policy

If customer would like to return jewellery then he has to mail us on contact@classejewels.com within thirty 45 days from invoice date, subject to conditions detailed hereafter.

In the event if the customer has purchased an ornament of wrong size (eg. ring), wrong length (eg. chain for mangalsutra/tanmania) classejewels.com will resize the ornament free of cost.

Jewellery can be replaced/resized only once up to 45 days from the date of invoice.

Customer should make a re-sizing request within 45 days of invoice.

If the resized jewellery costs more than the existing jewellery, the increased costs will be charged to the cutomer.

All items must have the original security tag and label. Also certificate must be returned in the same conditions as delivered by classejewels.com.

Any item returned showing signs of wear and tear or engraved, altered, resized (by anyone other than classejewels.com) or damaged in any other manner shall not be accepted for free 45 days return.

Ornaments of customized orders with engraving, special size etc. will not be accepted for free 45 days return policy. 

Once the return is confirmed by classejewels.com, a packing cover will be sent, which should be used for returning the product. The product should be packed in the presence of the courier agent only. 

Solitaire and Loose Diamonds

Solitaires and loose diamonds cannot be returned once the order is delivered

*Unserious Buyer
'Unserious buyer' is considerd as a customer who buys online jewellery from classejewels.com but without any jewellery defect he/she rerurns the same jewellery to classejewels.com. If this happen's three times in a year (first buying is considerd as start of year) or as wish of team classejewels.com, after his/her next buying's this unserious buyer is not eligible for free 45 days return policy.

Order cancellation 

Yes, classejewels.com provides you an order cancellation facility within 24 hrs. If you wish to cancel the order you have to send a mail at contact@classejewels.com, with '24 hours order cancellation' in the subject.

You will recieve a mail from classejewels.com within 48hrs stating that the order is cancelled and other information related to it.

If you have made the payment online, our team will make sure that the order is cancelled and the transaction of your money deposited back in your account is smooth. classejewels.com with refund the amount paid with 6-7 working days after deducting any bank charges decided by the bank.

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